What Else is Out There?

Ever since I was a child, I have enjoyed science-fiction movies and literature. As a subset of this genre, I truly enjoy when these movies incorporate aliens into the equation. The idea that there may be life outside of our own solar system is simultaneously fascinating and terrifying. The discovery of aliens would be the most monumental and world-changing event our planet had ever experienced. No, not the type of alien from Alien or Alien vs. Predator (cause they’d kill us all), but another sentient being capable of finding us or being found and communicating with us.

Not the type of Alien that I hope we would find

The discovery of aliens would change the entire way that we as humans view the world. Many humans hold the belief that we are a unique species and the only beings capable of true thought and maximizing sentient life. What questions would arise from the discovery of another species? Would we discover the aliens or would they discover us? Are they watching us as I type this post? Would they be peaceful and chill or would they harvest our planet and eat us all? As I stated, the discovery of aliens would lead us down a rabbit hole of questions and a potentially scary or amazing situation.

5 thoughts on “What Else is Out There?

  1. Oh man I think that more bad would come from finding aliens that good. If they are too intelligent, they will treat us like bugs and maybe exterminate us. If they are stupid they will most likely attack us.

    What I worry about is the life that we can’t see. Especially considering how the coronavirus is killing us right now, imagine the types of micro-organisms that can easily destroy all life on our planet because our immune system has no defenses against them…

    So I’d actually prefer the picture of the alien that u posted because at least we can see them and feel like we have a fighting chance 🙂


  2. William, i think it would be fantastic if aliens visit us, I am hoping they would bring new types of music for us to listen to! I know the nearest habitable planets are extremely far away, however we have found life on the most extreme climates on earth such as in volcanoes, which makes me wonder if more planets are habitable than we really think. interesting post!


    1. Corey, that is something I had not yet considered and I think it’d be amazing if aliens brought us new music. I wonder what genres of music the aliens would bring to us? Would they be similar to what we have on Earth or something completely fresh out of their metaphorical oven? Would love to hear your thoughts!


  3. It would be incredible if at some point during the time period that intelligent life exists on Earth, we were somehow able to make some sort of contact with other life, regardless if it is intelligent or not. Humans will only exist for an infinitesimally small fraction of the lifetime of the universe, and odds are if other life does exist, it might exist in a similar timeframe.


  4. I think the idea of aliens is a fascinating one as well, and one that I do believe is a distinct possibility. In the first astronomy course I took, my professor told us that living creatures (specifically humans in this case) are simply the universe and all of the materials within it becoming sentient. Thus, if stars and other planets and other products of different mixtures of the universes elements can be made, why can’t other living beings? Another lights to look at this concept with is with that of other theories, such as the multiverse theories. If there truly are an infinite number of universes, each having an (almost) infinite number of galaxies, how unlikely would it be that we are the only case of life?


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