An Introduction

This post is intended to introduce readers to the blog and its author, Jesse Turner.

My name is Jesse Turner and I am a senior at Vanderbilt University. I am originally from Nashville, TN, and my hometown links directly to my choice of image below.

As a native Tennessean, my favorite football team is the Tennessee Titans. My fandom has been the source of many highs (zeniths, if you will) and lows during the course of my life. This team, along with the city of Nashville (both showcased perfectly in this image), have been two of the center-points around which my life has revolved.

Nonetheless, you may be asking yourself: “What do the Tennessee Titans have to do with a blog on the solar system?” Well, in all honesty, very little. But as I wrote this blog, I simply reflected on the size of the universe — explored perfectly in this post from

We are but a blip in the universe — a microscopic fragment floating on a rock hurling through an expanding universe at unimaginable speeds. So while the noise of a Titans game my burst one’s eardrums, the size of the universe and our relative scale within it can blow one’s mind.

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